We are a leading wallpaper shop in Polokwane. In addition, we also offer a range of carpets, rugs, Astroturf, and rubber flooring, ensuring you get the floor covering suited to your needs. From luxurious rugs and hallway runners to practical green underfoot covering and durable rubber solutions.

As the preferred wallpaper shop in Polokwane, you can expect a range of designer and low-price wallpaper. We have a vast collection of colours, textures, and finishes to bring any home or office to life. In addition, our professional installation team can assist if you need a turnkey solution.


Levant Home & Décor offers various types of rugs in different sizes, styles, and colours. We are a leading retailer of carpets, rugs, and Astroturf in Polokwane and have been in the industry for many years. So whether you are looking for a modern carpet, a hallway runner, or even an outdoor rug, we stock everything.

Astro Turf

We supply Astroturf in various thicknesses for various applications ranging from landscaping, sports, and interiors for hotels, restaurants, trade shows, etc.

Rubber Flooring

In addition to carpets, rugs, and Astroturf, we offer rubber flooring with different surface patterns. Rubber flooring is ideal for areas where the floor is prone to scrapes and impacts. In addition, it provides added grip where dirt and moisture are prevalent. Rubber flooring is ideal for garages, industrial kitchens, load bins, etc.