We have a wide range of curtain hardware products to give you everything you might need to decorate your windows.

Whether a single room make-over of your home or just a new look for your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or lounge. We have everything from curtain tracks, curtain poles, hospital tracks, curtain poles, hospital tracks, curtain tapes, hooks, brackets, finals and tiebacks. Most of our tracks can be motorised.



Are you looking for a rail that can form beautiful pleats in your curtains?

Then look no further than the Wave system to create that new look, and give your room a polished finish!
You can choose between the conventional, hand-drawn type or add a modern touch with a pulley system!


Are you unsure which track to use to hang your curtains?

A popular and great value for money option is the C-Track.



Looking for your curtains to glide with ease on the track?

Our free glide rail is perfect for medium weight curtains and, as the name suggests, the wheel runner enables free movement. We are able to meet your curtain rail needs with our single, double or triple rail configurations.


Need to tackle a curve with your curtain rail?

Our Bendable I Rail is a multi-purpose curtain track that can be quickly customised to fit any wall shape. You can easily cut and bend this track on-site! Troublesome 90-degree bends are a thing of the past, with our innovative ball-bearing runner the sliding motion is smooth and quiet!


Would you like to create neat, horizontal folds in your blinds? Our Roman Blind Mechanism is the answer.

In addition, the innovatively designed chain control system allows you to raise or lower the Roman Blind with great ease. The chain comes in a variety of lengths ranging from 75 cm up to 400 cm so even those taller windows can be fitted with Roman Blinds. Our Ball chains are available in plastic or metal.


Are you looking to create privacy in the hospital ward?

Then our hospital rails offer or a value for money option to hang your curtain from. We start from your specifications, bending the rail to your need. The rail is sturdy and the mechanism runs smoothly, without snagging. The round channel of the rail is smooth, helping to prevent the accumulation of dust particles in the channel. Our hangar tubes are ceiling mounted, suspending the rail 600 mmbelow the ceiling allowing for sufficient light to enter the cubicle.



Are you looking for a curtain track strong enough to hang stage curtains?

Our stage track is designed specifically to carry heavy-duty curtains, which expand from 6m up to a 20m width. The mechanism allows the curtain to be hand-drawn or operated by a manual hand winch system, which is suited to use with the long stage drapes.


The benefits of corded curtain tracks are numerous.

They range from protecting the curtains from constant handling which can soil them to preventing them from damage such as tearing. Corded curtain tracks also provide ease of use for windows that have obstructions. Some bay windows have shelves, sofas or TV’s in the way to prevent someone being able to hand draw a curtain track from one side to the other. With a corded curtain track this is never an issue.


Curtain fabrics are subjected to less wear-and-tear when opened and closed with the aid of a motorised mechanism.

Especially when children or impatient busy employees open or close curtains by hand they may pull with a jerking motion, making curtains hang unevenly or awkwardly, often gapping or looking longer on one side. With motorised operation, your curtains will always hang smoothly and evenly in professional style or order, enhancing the room’s overall design and decor.

60mm Cubist Pelmet & Accessories

Are you looking to create a sophisticated and clean line to finish off your room? Our 60mm Cubist profile and accessories could be what you are after!

This universal, rebated rod is compatible with the Wave, King and Emperor track profiles. We have introduced an end cap that can be used bi-directionally and as a single or double return. The Cubist profile is available in a range of designer colours and, to complete the look, the multi-functional endcap and centerpiece are available in single tone colours.

85mm Matrix Pelmet

Looking for a well-priced pelmet? Our 85mm Matrix Pelmet is where affordability meets decoration. Available with a contrast inset design, you can add that extra shine to your look.

It is available in a variety of colours with colour coded end caps and cover plates. If you are covering a window wider than 3m, the cover plates can be used on the center join. Easy to clip on, it can be installed directly onto curtain rails using the C-King clip included on the product.

105mm Pelmet

Looking to conceal your curtain track and give a classic finish to your look? Our 105 mm pelmet is the ideal decorative rod with its timeless look and wide variety of colours.

You are sure to find one to match your curtains. It is universal and can be fitted to a king, emperor, or wave track. It can even be fitted to your blind! Looking for a modern and contemporary finish? Our new 105 mm stainless steel accessories are perfect for you! Slimline, they will work with any of our 105 mm pelmets. They are available in end caps, cover plates, and both inside and outside corner pieces.

65mm full/half Round Poles

Our range of wooden full and half round poles range from 65mm to 90mm in diameter.

You are sure to find one to match your curtains. It is universal and can be fitted to a king, emperor, or wave track. It can even be fitted to your blind! We stock from natural wood to a wide of colours and gilding finishes.

34mm wooden poles

Our 34mm wooden Poles come in plain and stained finishes, with matching brackets and rings.

25mm/38mm Steel Poles

We stock a wide range of curtain decorative poles in 25mm and 38mm sizes.

Our range of finials with matching tiebacks ranges from basic designs to exqusite crystal finishes.

Curtain Accessories

We have a wide range of decorative trimmings and tiebacks for curtain and upholstery applications from different countries around the world, which will if added will bring life and colour to your living spaces.