Popular window treatment trends

Window treatments are an essential component of any home and can be an excellent way to add style and personality. If you’re looking for some inspiration, read on to discover the latest window treatment trends.


Multi-functionality is one of the biggest trends in window treatments. Window coverings that can do more than provide privacy or block out the sun are appealing to both homeowners and business owners. For example, roller shades with built-in blackout lining or dual shades offer a light-filtering and a room-darkening shade in one.

In addition, this trend includes increased customisability. With so many different types of windows and ways to decorate them, it’s no surprise that people are looking for window treatments that can be customised to their specific requirements. So, if you want a window treatment that is truly unique to your home, visit Levant Home & Décor curtain and blind shop in Polokwane.


Minimalism is the keyword for window treatments, where simple, understated designs reign supreme.

Roller shades are an excellent example of a minimalist window treatment. Their sleek modern design is in keeping with the minimalistic trend. In addition, this popular style of window treatment is available in a wide range of patterns and fabrics, with various lift systems to suit every design preference and provide maximum operating convenience.

Another popular option is sheer shades that allow natural light to pass through while providing privacy when desired. These window treatments’ soft, flowing nature provides an elegant minimalistic solution that blends seamlessly into the window and surrounding décor.


While minimalism is popular, that doesn’t mean that homeowners and business owners should avoid bright colours and patterns. In fact, there’s an increasing trend in using colourful and patterned window treatments.

It’s important to remember that, as appealing as following design and decor trends can be, colour is the best way to express your own distinct personality. Any designer will tell you that execution is everything when it comes to colour. If used correctly, colours ranging from muted grey to bright orange can make a positive impression. Don’t be afraid to add some colour to your window treatments. Embracing your personal style is the best window treatment trend.


The texture is important when it comes to the impression your window treatment makes. People are increasingly looking for ways to add visual interest to their windows, and texture is an excellent choice.

Roman shades and roller shades with interesting patterns and curtains with added embellishments like tassels or beads are some popular examples of textured window treatments.

However, remember that less is often more when adding texture to your window treatment design. A few strategically placed embellishments can add visual interest without making the window treatment appear too busy or cluttered.

If you want to add texture to your windows this year, look for options with pleats, ruffles, or interesting patterns.

Environmentally friendly materials

Using natural and sustainably produced materials in window treatments is another significant shift in window treatment trends. People are becoming more interested in using sustainable materials in their décor, including window treatments. Natural materials have a warm, earthy aesthetic ideal for achieving a cosy or rustic atmosphere in any space.

Another trend in this field is the use of eco-friendly materials. These materials are made from environmentally friendly materials, making them ideal for homeowners who want to do their part to protect the environment. They also have a natural appearance and feel, making them ideal for adding a touch of elegance to any space.

Modern wood blinds and shutters are sourced from sustainable forests. In addition, window treatments can be created from recycled materials like glass to reclaimed wood. These environmentally friendly materials have a distinct and rustic appearance that can add a lot of character.

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